Nick Spade Behind Camera

Our Approach

My Approach

Photography is both a science and art form. With that comes a personal connection to the style, tone, mood and composition created for each special client. I work hard to learn about my customers interests, their personal flair and photographic goals to make sure we are a solid fit before booking a session. I pride myself on 100% satisfaction from all my clients before, during and after our session.

Our Story

My Back Story

I got started in photography while in high school. While working on my school paper and yearbook as the photography editor, I developed a love for capturing moments in time. Photography is my passion and to keep it cutting edge, I regularly work on improving my skills and talents through continuing education, seminars and regular experimentation.

When not behind the lens I work in marketing, leveraging my formal education with a MBA in project management, a BS in advertising and a minor in photograph. I also enjoy time with my wife, two lovely little girls and two dogs. We travel when possible to places such as Alaska, eastern Europe, Yosemite, Yellowstone and looking forward to exploring more locations in time.

Next Steps...

Let my passion for photography capture your special moment, event or memory for eternity. Send me an email about your event so we can get started planning today.